Ever Wondered How ‘Duck Out’ Became Synonymous With ‘Zero’ In Cricket?

If there is anything that can stop a normal Indian for at least a few seconds then it must definitely be a live Cricket match. Indians are very much obsessed with cricket right from the day India lifted the world cup in 1983 under the captaincy of Kapil Dev, and the obsession got even stronger when they won it again in 2011.

From then on the legacy of it continued with Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly, Sehwag, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Kohli and many other great players. Cricket was introduced by England and it is currently being played by different nations. International Cricket Council (ICC) is responsible for all the international fixtures between the cricket playing nations.

ICC is also responsible for proposing new ideas, rules for the betterment of the game. Cricket has its own terminology like – run out, duck out, leg bye, hit wicket, hat trick, LBW (leg before wicket), etc. Today we will learn about duck out and how it made its way into the cricket terminology.

Duck out in cricket means a batsman who is dismissed for o runs or scoring nothing. But we all know that Duck means a water bird. So, here comes the question – what is the relationship between duck out and 0?

Many of them believe that the term ‘duck’ refers to the shape of the number ‘0’ which is quite similar to the shape of ‘duck’s egg’. Duck is just the short form of duck’s egg. The very first usage of this term was in 1886. A local newspaper of Whales came up with a headline ‘The Prince of Whales retired to the royal pavilion on a duck’s egg’ after the Prince was dismissed for a score of 0. Many newspapers later picked up this incident and started referring it as the duck out on numerous occasions. Thus the duck out term made its way into Cricket.

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Duck out is again classified into different types:

Golden Duck

Batsmen who are dismissed on the very first ball they faced are said to be dismissed for a golden duck.

Silver Duck

A batsman who is dismissed for the second ball he faced.

Bronze Duck

A batsman who is dismissed for the third ball he faced.

Diamond Duck

A batsman who is dismissed without facing a delivery (mostly run out from non-striker’s end or stumped off a wide delivery) is said to be dismissed for a diamond duck.

Palladium Duck

A batsman who is dismissed for a duck on the very first ball of the innings or team’s first match of the season is said to be dismissed for a Palladium duck.

So next time anyone asks you about the history of duck out, don’t forget to pass on the info. Share your views in the comment section below.