E-Volo Launches Super Copter That Will Change Urban Mobility Forever

evolo drone volocopter

E-Volo, the upright German copter company, recently launched its drone-helicopter hybrid with no less than its CEO as the pilot. Labeled as a “super drone,” the two-seater flying machine and first-ever human-crewed flight fashioned by the company was the pride and delight of Volocopter’s engineers.

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An electric engine powers the super drone, and the control pad consists of a joystick and a few buttons. It can get off the ground with a large number of attached drones that look like they’ve been fused together.

After a series of remotely controlled successful test flights, the company decided to test its functionality. That is, they sought to find out what would happen if a human is mounted inside to pilot it.

They decided the best person to test it would be no other than the E-Volo’s CEO, Alexander Zosel, who was just as enthusiastic to try the company’s claim that the super drone embodied “the dawn of a revolution in urban mobility.”

Although it may be a while before we can all ride on drone-helicopter hybrids to beat the traffic, it seems like E-Volo is leading the way for the rest of us with the Volocopter.