October 29, 2020

This Scary Swing In Ecuador Will Definitely Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Ever thought of pumping your wanderlust by exploring exotic Ecuador? Located in South America, this country is fairly famous between the photographers’ community and is the home of the infamous Ecuador Swing.

Ecuador is also known for having the world’s highest active volcano, Cotopaxi. With only a lonely seat belt to hold you in, the swing arcs riders out into the air over the canyon. It is unclear where the swing came from—perhaps it was set up by a whimsical seismologist.


The very popular Galapagos Islands also located here, and this is one hot destination that cannot be missed if you’re planning your trip here.

Ecuador Island

Ecuador is also the most bio-diverse country in the world with over one hundred several kinds of hummingbirds and thousands of orchids diverseness.Ecuador Amazon Rainforest If you ever wonder about where to begin your journey in South America, Ecuador is where you should head first.
Ecuador San-Rafael-Falls-Quijos-RiverThe country seems to have it all: Amazon rain forests, sun-kissed beaches, colonial towns, indigenous markets, Andean peaks- not to forget the popular chain of volcanic islands full of enchanting wildlife.

The Famous Ecuador Swing

If you call yourself an adventurous soul and have a knack for doing dangerous acts, Ecuador should then be on your bucket list. There is a swing at the edge of the cliff in Ecuador without any safety measures and is popularly known as the ‘Swing at the End of the World’. Yes! That’s true… maybe because it could be the end of YOU altogether!

ecuador swingIn order to reach there, you will have to hike up to the path to Bellavista. It lies on the edge of Banos. Once you start walking upwards, you will be able to locate the treehouse, also known as La Casa del Arbol.

ecuador swingBuilt at the edge of the grand canyon (2600 meters above the sea level) this swing has no seat-belt, no safety harness, and no assurance of your life, which means there is no guarantee that you will not go plummeting down into the canyon closer to your death!

Now ask yourself, how many of you are ready to get on this over-the-top full of adrenaline rush ride?

ecuador swingThe experience sounds crazy but is truly magical at the same time. This heart-pumping experience which promises breathtaking views while on the swing is done by people of all ages at their own discretion.

ecuador swingPeople with wild fantasies, hop on this swing and catch a glimpse of the volcano which lies 100 ft above the ground level. The surreal beauty of this country has been featured in countless movies like Amazon souls, Vibes, Baraka, The old man, and the sea; to name a few.

What adds appeal to Ecuador is its ease of travel, easy to remember the currency, and of course, good roads! Ecuadorians are generous, kind-hearted people known to make a noticeable mark in the last decade.

I’m sure it must now be one your bucket list and I hope you strike it off soon!

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