The Shape Of Your Face Can Essentially Reveal Your Personality

Look, you can give me all the scientific research you want; let’s start by saying that face shape has an actual impact on your personality for this article. According to Jean Haner, who learned of this through her Chinese in-laws, there’s an ancient knowledge to face reading that somehow only the Chinese were privy of and the rest of the world is somewhat skeptical about.

The big caveat is that as long as you’re “true” to your nature, it always adds up. So if you have a face shape mentioned below and your character doesn’t match the general outlines of what Chinese face reading (not a martial art, by the way) says, you’re a phoney. Not my words; that’s just how it is.

According to Chinese face reading and Jean Haner, let’s take a look at what specific face shapes say about your personality.

Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape, also known as the “huge cheekbones”, has incredible detail. And they’re also somewhat bossy, according to Chinese face reading. But, according to Western science, we’re not considering that people with sharp facial features are perceived as bossier; this research turns correlation into causality.

Round Face Shape

According to Chinese face reading, people with round faces are sadly very susceptible to manipulation. This has everything to do with the fact that round faces look very child-like and are associated with naiveté. 

Oval Face Shape

You may or may not have noticed that a lot of celebrities have an oval-shaped faces. Common logic dictates that this is mainly because it is aesthetically more pleasing. However, Chinese face reading says that it’s because oval-shaped people (well, people with oval-shaped faces) are more pleasant and welcoming, so more extroverted. Sadly, they’re also very conscious of what people think of them. I guess that’s why celebrities leave Twitter as soon as a scandal pops up, right?

Rectangular Face Shape

The rectangular face shape is associated with overthinking. It also kind of visually looks like that because they usually have huge foreheads. But again, who are we to determine whether something is a coincidence or fact when Chinese face reading has done it for us? Apart from being great thinkers, they’re also very logical and great planners. And no, that isn’t saying the same thing three times, don’t be silly!

Heart Face Shape

We call it a heart, but it’s a reverse egg. You can see why “heart” sounds more appealing to people and their suitors alike. Anyway, this facial type means that you are stubborn and powerful, like Luke Skywalker when he stood up against the lure of the Dark Side. Luke Skywalker, who doesn’t have a heart-shaped face.

Square Face Shape

Square shapes are usually quite powerful, and it’s no different in faces. They’re associated with characteristics like being ambitious and somewhat tenacious. They’re also apparently quite competitive. Nothing wrong with wanting to move up in the world, I guess.