10 Facts About Women That Are Bit Exaggerated But True To Some Extent

Women do things their way no matter how much men tend to judge. There are things only women understand well and the reason why they do it in a particular way. And so, it will be always tough for men to understand few things listed in this post.

Dancing with another woman

Dancing with another woman is perfectly fine, but we feel weird when two men do the same thing.

Nothing to wear

We never have a perfect thing to wear for any occasion even if our closet is full.

We don’t make moves

We wait for the guy to take initiatives for everything and half of the time we keep waiting and they never understand.

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We all are afraid of either bugs, spiders, or mice.

Faking without regrets

Sometimes we do fake pleasure and it’s perfectly fine because men do fake foreplay at times.

Mirror, Mirror

We check ourselves every time we see a piece of mirror, may it be at a restaurant or on the street.

The details

We are often insecure about our weight, age, and breast size.


When we cry we love someone to see it and give us complete attention until we are done crying.

Outfits for trip

Even if we are going for a 5-day trip we will surely carry 5 extra outfits just in case we get confused about what to wear.

Looking pretty matters

While making love every woman wishes to look pretty even if no one’s bothered about the looking pretty part.