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Do You Know How Many Types Of Fake Indian Accents Are There?

Every language has its own essence. The way it is spoken by native people shows innocence. The right meaning is taken from them as a representation of genuineness. But when others speak that language, it is easy to differentiate between native speakers and those who try to speak another language.

Being able to speak many languages has a lot of advantages. While speaking those languages, the correct accent is vital to convey the exact meaning. Indians have a fascination with the English language. The national language is Hindi, but there is a stereotype that says people who speak English are smarter. To show how smart they are, people speak English in various accents according to the impression they want to make.

Ever Wondered Why ‘Humans Of New York’ Is So Much Popular?

This video is about those accents, which are probably fake accents used to project an image. Various accents have been observed in society that makes us laugh most of the time. Among those accents, American and British accents are prominent when people want to show that they are returned from those countries.

Regular Indian accent is a one in which people use the accent of their mother-tongue to speak in English. Those who go to a convent school, they have a particular accent to assure that they went to a convent school. The most hilarious accent is a swag accent in which the last word is stretched in a specific swag to show how cool anyone is.

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Do You Know How Many Types Of Fake Indian Accents Are There?

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