September 21, 2020

10 Fashion Hacks Men Should Try To Impress The Girl You Like!

Okay gentlemen, listen up!! You may not care about what you wear and would gladly spend the rest of your life in those five shirts and that one denim. But if you have a date to impress or wish to up your style game, here are a few things that will make your shopping easier.

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1. White shirt, slim jeans, and leather jacket

Wondering how to set the ladies’ hearts on fire this winter? Just wear your favorite leather jacket with slim-fit Jeans and your comfy white shirt. Pair it with a converse bag and aviator sunglasses and you are ready to rock.

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2. A Well-maintained beard

While as a man you love your uncombed beard, a little trim can do wonders. Show off that jawline and your facial cut by trimming your beard according to your jaw structure and bring out the caveman look that women are so crazy about.

3. Those rolled-up sleeves

In case you didn’t know, there’s a magic spell on women when men roll their sleeves up and show off those forearm muscles. So use your secret weapon and make sure to follow the tip, the next time you give her flowers.

4. An expensive big watch

One of the things that create a statement for women is the kind of watch you wear. They know too well if it’s a fake, so invest a little and buy yourself a classic watch.

5. Shoes speak a lot

Believe it or not, the first thing a woman checks in a guy is his shoes. If it’s a date, wear Oxfords and you have a good impression of her already. For casual wear, high tops or loafers go a long way.

6. A good deodorant

Even though the Axe Ad takes the statement too wildly, it’s obviously a great bonus if you smell good around her. However remember, less is more. Don’t go spraying that cologne so much that she can’t stop sneezing.

7. When you know how to layer it well

Now that winters are coming, this little tip will save you a lot of style-stress. Layering can highlight your body in small ways. Expose those abs in tight sweaters and an overcoat. Also, don’t be shy to add a men’s winter hat as part of your layers.

8. Bare ankles or bold socks

There is something sexy when men expose their ankles, whether bare or wearing bold socks. As for the socks, this tiny fashion speaks of your style more than you think, especially when you are wearing high cut trousers. Don’t be afraid to add a little color or stripes to your collection.

9. An ironed shirt with a skinny tie

Most men often don’t realize how important a tie really is and crash their whole look with un-ironed shirts. Thin dark-colored or striped ties on plain shirts can add a lot more charm to your look than you think. As for casuals, a colored bow-tie can also make a big difference.

10. A well-tailored suit

A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. So bring out those fifty shades of suits and make women fall in love with you. Suit up, Gentlemen!

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