October 29, 2020

5 Clever Fashion Secrets You Must Know And Use If You’re Not So Tall

We are either less gifted, stressed to grow beards or perhaps are just 5’6” or under in height. But the fact is that this has never bunged us from looking our best! We are dressed with the best in fashion, track the trends like a pro and sometimes, even try out because we can. Here’s a style cheat-sheet you need to follow to look taller:

Tuck in your shirts

Make this a routine and your height will never trouble you. By tucking your shirt into your choice of trousers, you will be able to define your waist and this will make your legs appear longer.

Make your bottoms end at your ankle

Bottoms meeting around your sneakers are out of fashion now. So, crop them and make them end at the ankle, or an inch higher than it. If you don’t feel like cropping them, fold them tidily.

Wear darker shades

Taking up prints and going all-bright is great every now and then, but the combination of two dark hues will butter up your height the best. Separate your top and bottom with two dark hues. This will help them with character and this will make you look taller.

Avoid long shirts, and wear shorts

It’s the body proportions that talk for you. As long shirts cover up a major part of your legs, try to make them shorter. You can do so by keeping your shirt length cropped and concluding it immediately below the waist. Similarly, the shorter you keep your shorts, the longer your legs will appear.

When it comes to footwear, go for Heels

The thing is staying off-the-ground every time. So, a little heel will always help you! While they are amazing shoes to possess, footwear styles such as espadrilles, converse shoes are too flat and won’t work for you.

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