Fenella Fox Loves Her Underarm Sweat, So She Doesn’t Use Deodorant In Heatwave

Fenella Fox revealed that despite the heatwave across the UK, she hasn’t been using the deodorant because she loves her “natural odor.”

Glam model Fenella Fox has a different beauty routine from others this summer. The OnlyFans model from Worcester revealed that despite the heatwave sweeping across the UK, she hasn’t been using the deodorant because she loves her “natural odour.”

The British content creator has also left her armpit hair unshaved for five years.

fenella fox

The 28-year-old shared what she learned since she began spreading the smell, “I love the natural smell of my armpits and rarely ever wear deodorant. I believe our diet and lifestyle greatly affect how we naturally smell.”

fenella fox

“I wish more people would learn to embrace their natural odour instead of masking it with unnatural scents. A lot of perfume and deodorants smell unattractive to me. I’m just looking forward to using the heatwave to make sweaty content for my fans.”

Her initial reason for not shaving was an act of defiance against men’s expectations. But she never imagined it would become her source of income.

fenella fox

Fenella Fox has earned a staggering £300,000 for the past two years on the streaming platform, and those quirks were why she was loved. With the heatwave hitting hard for the past few weeks, Fox feels she’s going to rake in even more.

fenella fox

Fenella Fox revealed her trade secret, “A lot of my fans love the idea of my armpit hair being long and sweaty. They love seeing me sweat, and that’s how I plan to spend the week. I also find it very attractive when people sweat at the gym.”

“Men tell me they love seeing sweat on a woman and licking and tasting fresh sweat.”

fenella fox

“I think many fans would be annoyed at me if I removed my armpit hair.”

Fenella Fox also took the subject to Twitter, asking people if they have a “sweat fetish.” Out of 500 responses, almost 200 people said they probably do.

fenella fox

And over 90 people had a hunch that they might have it.