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Flipkart’s New Web Series Is An Incredible Fashion Journey To Indian Cities

Despite its nascent stage, fashion in India is burgeoning like never before: in the streets, in designer boutiques, and right onto international runways and red carpets! Whether it’s street style or branded and designer wear, the Indian trends scene is close to striking the perfect balance between all three.

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Bringing to you a delicious scoop of what’s hot and happening on this trend scene is ‘India Ka Fashion Capital’, powered by Flipkart Fashion. The five-part series has host Ira Dubey take you through the shopping streets of India’s metro cities to discover India’s very own style statement.

The first episode of ‘India Ka Fashion Capital’ dives right into the home of Bollywood and India’s economic capital, Mumbai! And if it’s amchi Mumbai’s fashion capital we’re talking about, there’s no place like Bandra!

Mumbai is the fashion capital of India, do you agree?

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Flipkart's New Web Series Is An Incredible Fashion Journey To Indian Cities

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