9 Tricks Revealed By A Psychologist On TikTok That Will Make People To Like You

Having people like you goes so much further than friendships. It can help start a new romantic relationship, get a great promotion at work or even get discounts when you need them. While being a nice person most of the time can do the trick, this psychologist reveals nine tips to help expedite that process.

TikTok is an array of content. From dance videos to duets to box crate challenges, there never seems to be an end to the videos people seem to put out. Also among them are people sharing advice, tips, and tricks to help you get through life more easily. How does one, however, sifting through the wrong direction and get to the good?

One of these helpful and diligent psychology pros is life coach Francesca Tighinean, a bachelor’s degree in psychology from City, University of London. She takes popular topics and adds an educated spin on things. Her insights are extremely popular over on TikTok.

She shares some spot-on psychology tricks on her TikTok account on how to subtly and sneakily get others to like you, and you might be itching to try out after hearing them.

Show the palms of your hands

Her first recommendation is to show the palms of your hands when you’re having a conversation with people. This makes them believe that you have nothing to hide and are trustworthy and open as a person. 

When you’re talking to someone, always show the palms of your hands. This communicates to their subconscious mind that you have nothing to hide, that you are open, that they can trust you, and you are their friend.”

Nod your head when talking to someone

In a conversation, when someone is talking, nod your head in affirmation.

This will do so many things to their brain. First of all, it will give them that feeling of validation. It will make them feel like you’re genuinely listening to them, and it is that feeling of assurance that we search for unconsciously, that we got from our mom, and we’re searching for our partner; we’re searching for other people. So it becomes addictive when you do this, and you make people feel validated.

Give compliments

We like people that like us. Knowing how to appreciate someone and make compliments will make them like you more. Notice something special about them or say something like, “I like the way you think.”

Mirror their body language

When you talk to someone, try to match your body language and speak at the same volume and speed as they are.

This will tell [their] subconscious mind that you are like them and trust you more.

Compliment people in group settings as well

When you’re talking in a group, give credit and compliment other people. For instance, if you’re saying a story, highlight something that someone did well. As a result, people will want to stick around you more.

Ask someone to do you a favor

Ask people to do a small favor for you. This is called the Benjamin Franklin effect. Say something like; Hey, can you pass me the salt, please? Their subconscious mind thinks that they like you bc they’re doing you a favor.

Ask people for their advice

Ask people for their advice. You are making them feel like their opinion matters. According to research done by Katie Liljenquist makes them form a commitment to you and makes them like you more.

Wait before responding

Instead of responding immediately after someone says something to you. Wait a couple of seconds. This makes them feel like you’re thinking about what you’re going to reply to. And it makes you seem like a better listener.

Address people with their name

Call people by their name. We love hearing our name called by someone else because it makes us feel important and appreciated.

In her professional life, Francesca helps clients deal with various issues, from “healing past wounds” to improving their relationships. As well as counseling people and offering private life coaching, she also has extensive experience volunteering at different organizations. What’s more, she’s been invited to multiple conferences to speak on topics like self-love, confidence, and relationships.