Model Francia James Drinks Raw Milk On Instagram, Sparks Debate On Internet

A Playboy model, Francia James has recently posted a video in which she is seen drinking milk directly from the cow. The video which has garnered 1.3m so far has got divided opinions from the netizens.

Some people praised her for drinking milk raw while others have criticized her citing the dangers it could bring to the body. In the video, she milks a cow and then directly pours the raw milk straight into a glass. Following this, she gulps it down without any kind of pasteurization. Watch the video here :

For some reason the video has proved to be a hit with fans, picking up more than 740,000 views in a day. The comments are about as NSFW as you’d imagine, but among some of the more PG-rated ones was a man proclaiming the clip to be ‘the hottest Instagram post I’ve ever seen’, while another said it was ‘the best milk advert ever’.

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Others just wanted to know what milk tastes like straight out of the cow. Judging by the fact she poured more down her front than her throat, I do not reckon Francia would be able to comment.

However, someone else was fast to point out: ‘That’s a great way to get dangerous bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, Campylobacter among others,’ and others accused the model of ‘doing something for clout.’

Francia James, who has previously appeared on the cover of playboy and has millions of followers on her Instagram account, shared a clip of herself Sat atop a stool wearing a teeny top, some wellies and denim shorts. She had previously indulged in similar eccentric stunts. A few days ago, she posted a video in which she was dripping with coconut water. Another video showed her covered in mud.

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