If F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Is Made In Nepal, Who Should Play Whom?

The sitcom Friends have an infinite number of shows playing on our TV sets but only a handful of series stand out with their exceptional fan base. Friends were not just the most popular TV show of all time, but it was part of our lifestyle.

Having grown to imitate the characters, repeating every sarcastic line and after more than a decade the show had ended, we are here – making ‘Friends’ references because that’s how significant the series was to us – the 90’s kids.

If Money Heist Is Made In Nepa, Who Should Play Whom?

We have put together a comparison of ‘Friends’ characters with its equivalent Nepalese actors.

1. Saugat Malla as Chandler Bing

chandler bing saugat malla

2. Dayahang Rai as Joey Tribbiani

joey tribbiani dayahang rai

3. Priyanka Karki as Monica Geller

monica geller priyanka karki

4. Keki Adhikari as Phoebe Buffay

phoebe buffay deepika prasain

5. Niti Shah as Rachel Green

rachel green niti shah

6. Suman Singh as Ross Geller

ross gellar suman singh

Wouldn’t be nice to watch an actual Friends series that is made in Nepal?