September 19, 2020

Fung Brothers Try Nepali MoMo And Think It’s Very ‘Mitho’

The Fung Brothers, a popular American duo of Chinese descent, Andrew Fung and David Fung, lately tried Nepalese food for the very first time, for their show ‘Fung Bros Food’.

The Fung Brothers, a popular American duo of Chinese descent, Andrew Fung and David Fung, lately tried Nepalese food for the very first time, for their show ‘Fung Bros Food’. Anusha Karki, a Nepalese American, guided the two not only with the food but also enlightened them about the Nepalese people and culture.

The group went to a Nepalese restaurant called Tara Himalayan Cuisine in LA and had various dishes such as Dal-Bhat-Tarkari, Momos, Thukpa, Chicken Chilli and more. Both Andrew and Fung loved the food and they thought it was ‘Mitho’ (delicious).

The Fung Brothers have over 1.2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and this video will definitely help in promoting Nepalese food and culture internationally. Watch the video and if you like it, do share.

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Have you tried Nepali food yet?

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