Girl Dances To Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ During Train Journey

An energetic dance performance of a young girl to the chartbuster song ‘Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya’ from superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s movie ‘Dil Se’ has been gaining significant traction online.

The video shared on Instagram shows a girl dancing inside a moving train that is winning hearts online. The girl’s captivating expressions and perfectly choreographed steps make it worth watching the video in a loop.

Originally shared on Instagram by user @taara_celeb, the video quickly went viral, capturing the fascination of social media users. While some Instagram users admired the girl’s confidence to dance in a moving train, others weren’t too impressed with her dancing in public.

“I request the government to launch new trains for those making reels in public places, causing disturbance to other passengers,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “TTE sahib iska ek dance ka bhi chalan kato pls.”

A third user wrote, “Passengers be like chalo thoda sa entertainment hogaya baithe baithe.”

A video of a few girls dancing to a chartbuster Odia song had taken social media by storm. The girls from Bhubaneswar, en route to New Delhi by train, had made the reels that went crazy viral.

However, the rising trend of youngsters making reels and dance videos inside trains, flights, and metros has become a concern for those who dislike being filmed. Such videos have left people divided.

While a few think it was cool and not a big problem, others are of the opinion that such people caused a public nuisance.