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This Girl Had The Most Remarkable Comeback For An Ignorant Post

The recent floods in Chennai saw support pouring in all corners of India and ordinary citizens came together to comfort each other in a rare display of human spirit. But within this optimistic environs, social media also saw some unmindful posts which were diminutive to relief.

In a demonstration of ignorance, a Facebook user Ashish Chaudhary posted, “I don’t mind if Tamil people die, they never considered themselves as Indians, and then I ask myself, the land who do not accept our national language as their own language and prefer British English more in conversation to native Indians are asking for help from Hindi language people”.


She wrote how apart from Hindi, India has various other accepted languages and recapped Mr. Chaudhary about historical facts. She also pointed out the mockery of a person condemning others of embracing English, himself writing a Facebook post in English.

Meanwhile, the ignorant #AshishChaudhary is doing the rounds on social media, as people are heavily condemning his actions.

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This Girl Had The Most Remarkable Comeback For An Ignorant Post

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