Glass Bridge At Zhangjiajie Is The Largest Of Its Kind In The World

Opened in 2016, the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge in Hunan, China is the tallest and longest glass bridge in the world. The walkway sits 980 feet above the canyon floor and is more than 1,400 feet long.

The bridge sports a 1,000-foot drop if you’re unfortunate enough to fall off. Architect Haim Dotan designed the massive glass tourist attraction. It is the stage for sports activities like Bungee jumping and rope sliding, and for cultural events like dancing, music, and fashion shows. For me, the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is a dream in nature.

Therefore, the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge was designed to be invisible as possible – a thin white bridge disappearing into the clouds, into the fog. As the ancient Chinese Tao Master, Lao Tzu, 2500 years ago said: “Great sound is unheard; great form is invisible.”

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The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge is located in the mountainous province of Hunan in southern China. It’s a 45-minute bus ride from Wulingyuan, a scenic town at the base of the stunning Wuling Mountain Range, where most tourists stay.

Usually, when people walk on a suspension bridge, they tend to be scared and behave differently. Thus, two tough technological difficulties, structural stiffness, and human comfort had to be carefully resolved and creatively engineered with high requirements.