The Good, The Bad, And The Fun Dashain Brings Us Single Every Year!

We all are counting days and eagerly waiting for the biggest and most auspicious festival celebrated in Nepal. As Dashain approaches, there is already a festive environment all over the country and people are preparing for the most significant festival of the year.

Everyone is booking tickets, shopping and making their arrangements to go home, Kids are flying kites from their rooftops and we hear nostalgic ‘Mangaldhun’ in the radios and television that signifies the arrival of Dashain.

Here are some of the things that makes Dashain what it is, both good and bad:

The “Good” Dashain

The merry side of the most popular festival in Nepal.

Spending time with Friends and Family

During Dashain, we like to celebrate with friends and families. There is a tradition of putting ‘Tika’ and taking blessings from the elder most family member during Dashain. Families that have been separated or work away from their native land come home to celebrate Dashain. People working abroad try to come back home during this time. The occasion brings everyone together and gives us the reason to be with people we love and also those we are not too fond of.

Good Food

If you ask 10 years old me what is the best thing about Dashain, I’d probably say Food. Like any celebration, During Dashain you get to have good food be it at your home, your relatives, friends or even in markets.


Dashain is one of the longest holidays in Nepal. Students or employees all look forward to this break. It’s a welcome change from their daily routine to have some time for themselves and relax and enjoy Dashain.

Gifts and Treats

During the holidays, our relative comes to visit us and we go to our relatives. There is a tradition of exchanging gifts and treats among friends and families. As a kid, I remember we used to wait for this day for our parents to buy us toys that we wanted.


Shops are putting up Dashain discount and new arrival banners, Radios and Televisions are announcing sales discounts on various brands. Employees will receive their Dashain bonus, it is time for shopping. Be it new clothes, a new motorcycle or furniture for the home, Dashain is a perfect occasion for shopping.

The “Bad” Dashain

The ugly side of the most popular festival in Nepal. 

Alcohol and Road Accidents

Many people celebrate Dashain by drinking. Our society tolerates and even expects people to drink during this holiday.  Due to a high number of people driving in influence a higher number of road accidents are reported by traffic police during the season.

Gambling and over-expenses  

Playing cards and other gambling activities are common in Nepal during Dashain. It is entertaining to play cards for fun but some get carried away and throw away a lot of their hard-earned money on gambling.


People leave their home to visit their relatives, they have cashed their deposit to spend on the occasion and also men and women like to flaunt their jewelry when their relatives are visiting, for some of these reasons there are numerous incidents of robbery during the festival.

Buzzativ team wishes you a very happy and prosperous Dashain.