The Good, The Bad, And The Madness Of Every Facebook Posts Ever Posted

Facebook is always flooded with posts. Pictures of holidays, weddings, honeymoon, baby shower, birthdays, gatherings, events, or just Selfies and wefies; pictures pop up every second along with status updates, shared quotes, personal opinions, back-linked articles, songs, and videos. People post various kinds of stuff on Facebook and people have their own way of reacting to them.

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Some expressions are seen through like or reaction buttons and comments while some remain within the readers’ mind. While neutral people are just neutral to things, let’s see what goes in their minds:

1. Holiday Pictures

Many of us are in Dashain-Tihar break, and some people are spotted at the beaches of Phuket, Hawaii, and Maldives through Facebook posts. Some are kissing the love of their life at the top of the Eiffel tower, some are devouring different delicacies in the street of Bangkok and some are shopping in Hong Kong. Couples are getting comfy at the fabulous paradise of Mauritius while the rest of us are glued to our rooms, browsing through all those pictures and making comments, not necessarily on their walls.

The Bad: “Yo Show-off haru le garda budi le kich kich garera hairaan paarisaki…”

The Good:Aru ko holiday pictures dekhhera hamilai pani rahar laagya chha. Seriously, we should save up for the next vacation. If I let my wife save her earning and I covering all our expenses and avoid eating out, we can definitely make it to Bali this winter.”

Traveling abroad for holidays wasn’t common with the middle-class people even a few years back, my relatives living abroad used to share that people there took it as embarrassment not going on vacations. Tanned skin was something they showed off. Westerners have always worked hard to be able to afford a pricey getaway. So, if your friends’ posts tempt you, motivate you to earn more, and work harder… C’mon! Go for it!

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2. Couples in Love

Well there are precise occasions when couples click those cute, in-love kind of pictures: Valentine’s Day, Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthdays, Weekend, Vacation, Parties (when she looks a little too pretty and he falls for her again all over again!) Okay, there are way too many just snaps for the sake of clicking and posting on Facebook.

The Bad: “Naatak! They are fake.”

The Good: “Aww…that’s so romantic!”

Bogus or genuine, a hug is a hug and a kiss is a kiss, and it’s way better than shouting, screaming, swearing, and slamming at each other. Someway or other, Facebook is spreading the message of love and respect. Cuddles and care are as real as fights and fury. If you are that nosy neighbor trying to eavesdrop on the couples’ rows, you’re mistaken.

3. Status Update

“My wife just surprised me with iPhone 7!”…. “My boyfriend prepared amazing Biryani for us and my parents have invited him every weekend!”

People post events of their life as soon as it happens. Okay, those sharable moments are created more often these days as there is a prospect to represent.

The Bad: “Esko buda-budi le garda pani aafno divorcai hola jasto bhaisakyo…”

The Good: Oh… I want to see this spark in my spouse’s face too… I will also plan something.”

I wonder why those people creating a fuss about others posting about their romantic occurrence, watching movies based on love stories. Perhaps they find it easy to say, “These things happen only in movies. My beloved shouldn’t expect me to do the same.” It’s never a bad idea to make someone happy, especially your love partner. However, it’s immoral to anticipate expensive gifts from your partner. Only losers feel pressurized by someone else’s success, winners find a way out to succeed.

4. Stunning Selfies

Everyone looks drop-dead gorgeous on Facebook. We all know most of us are not as pretty or as good-looking as we appear in those pictures posted on Facebook. But this enlightening knowledge doesn’t keep off people from commenting.

The Bad: I know how many scars, marks there’s on that face… So fake! Mr/Ms. Wannabe!

The Good: I didn’t know that person could look this good with a little touch-up!

It might gratify someone’s ego and boost their confidence by focusing on someone else’s ugly sides and shortcomings. But nobody should have any problem if someone wants to trial with their looks and seek to look stylish. And it’s their choice if they want to use make-up, some app filters, surgery, or whatsoever. Mind your own business!  If you can’t appreciate it, unfriend. Period.

5. Twenty-one posts a day

We all have that one friend, who keeps on posting anything and everything, every single hour.

The Bad: “Esko kei kaam chhaina…”

The one who says so has all the time in the world to count someone else’s posts. And they take pride in that.

The Good: It seems they had a great time today.

Let people look at the brighter sides of life. Let them count the blessings. If you’re fed up with their posts, there is an option on the top right corner of every post that appears upon clicking that allows you to filter the posts for you. If you have a problem with a person who posts prolifically, unfollow them r plainly unfriend.

6. Gloomy posts

The one who is always sad on social media, each and every time.

The Bad: “katti roirahanchha yo facebook ma!”

The Good: Sadness shared is sadness divided. We’re here for you.

7. Joyful posts

The Bad:Katti na… Just because we haven’t posted doesn’t mean we are unhappy.”

The Good: The happy-go-lucky go-to person when you are feeling down.

8. Seasonal Pictures

The Bad: “Oh ho… Shrawan aayo aba facebook hariyai hunchha… teej….”

The Good: Likes and Comments

Basanta ma Gurans fulda problem…

Grishma ma Mango falda problem…

Monsoon ma paani parda problem…

Himal ma hiuu jhharda problem…

Folks, don’t you think YOU are the problem? And if you have so many problems, there is an option called DEACTIVATE! Right to Freedom and Right to Expression. Jay Democracy!