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If Google Was A Girl, All Your Inquiries Would Get A Widely Divergent Viewpoint

Thank God, Google is just a web engine.

Now you will surely smile on the reading next line as the exciting line says what if Google was a Girl?? To start with let’s compare the great the Google with a girl, but please bear in mind that the topic does not hold any intellectual facts or ideas & you must read it just for fun.

Google tackles so many things all at once that at times it’s hard to keep track & the girl thinks so many things at once that it’s too hard to understand them. Isn’t so guys? Google takes over 200 factors into account before delivering you the best results in a fraction of second & a gal can give you more than the 200-minute answer to each question you ask them.

You can easily plan your special day of the wedding with Google wedding planner but you can’t plan a wedding with a girl so easily. Google sky maps allow you to view stars, constellations, galaxies. However, Google Gal tells you that love is the most powerful forces on the planet.


Some people also say that Google actually resembles a girl as it won’t let you finish a sentence without suggesting other ideas. Now coming back to the exciting point if Google was a girl! Let’s see how a Google girl answers all the questions asked in the search toolbar.

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