Gucci Sold Out Ripped Tights For Whooping $190 And Tweeple Goes Berserk!

gucci ripped tights

For reasons I cannot describe, Gucci designed $190 black tights with rips from the calves to the crotch. Even better? They’re completely sold out!

Before today, I’d throw my black tights in the trash if I found a run. Not anymore! I’m selling those bad boys on Poshmark. Thank you, Gucci for resolving my finances.

People Are Thinking This Is The Ugliest Pair Of Trousers Ever Made!

According to the New York Post (which is offering cheaper alternatives for those who want to wear these), the tights are pronounced as “High-rise. Distressing throughout. Woven logo at elasticized waistband.” Distressing indeed.

I searched Twitter for reviews from normal people who also think the notion of people spending money on Gucci’s ripped tights is very stupid. And, I was not disappointed:

Below are the reactions of some social media users who are going gaga over the cost of the pre-ripped stockings and are wondering how it got sold out in so much less time.