Can You Guess These Bollywood Celebrities By Their Iconic Styles?

Bollywood has a massive fan following, both in India and globally. Although it produces hundreds of movies every year, only a few make it to the elite list of being the hallmark of Bollywood. Some of the movies and especially, the characters have become iconic among the fans.

Can you guess these celebrities by looking at their signature styles?

Peshwa Bajirao

Ranveer Singh’s turn as Bajirao in Bajirao Mastani was appreciated for multiple reasons, primary being the look which he so elegantly carried. He never fails to disappoint us, and the graph rises his list of hard work also rises because in every movie he has given an outstanding role, which no one can compare or enact. He is surely a rare gem, which is hard to find.

Sanjay Singhania

Aamir Khan’s look in Ghajini turned many heads and with his sheer penchant for perfection, he aced the look completely.Mr. Perfectionist never fails to impress us with his different roles and different characters he portrays. But this one surely was psychotic one, where anyone can fall for him.

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Bhool Bhulaiya

Who can forget this famous look of Rajpal Yadav from Bhool Bhulaiya, even though he made us laugh with many of his movies, this look of his still stands the test of time. Well, this actor doesn’t need any explanation or no one can define how good he is in every role. Because you can make anyone cry but the most difficult is to make everyone laugh.

Hail Mogambo!

The iconic protagonist of Indian cinema still lives along in our lives, be it his voice, his inimitable style, Mr. Amrish Puri was a pure delight in Mr. India. Even if you try to imitate him, you cannot match his acting. The one and only villain that was most loved, because a character cannot define a person.

Bajirao Singham

Ajay Devgn has portrayed many great characters in his moviedom but his character of Bajirao Singham is one which continues to be close with people’s hearts! He is the action hero, and no one can match these character, because it literally gave us goosebumps, with these phenomenal acting and the most important is that it gave a message to our social life.

Big B

Name any movie which has been a game changer, The Superstar of the millennium would be a part of that movie. He continues to have distinct styles for his movies, but this look of his is more popular as compared to others, think Sexy SAM! He is the legend, even after aging, he never stopped or his success or failure never stopped him for being our very own big ‘B.’

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Janardhan Jakhar to Jordan, Ranbir Kapoor not only played Rockstar he became one, but such was also the dedication of the man, you could not differentiate the actor from the character! Who can forget these character, which gave the new light to rock musician in Indian cinemas, and with his awesome performance, he ruled our hearts.

Bollywood’s First Superhero

A man who was often ridiculed for having six fingers, no one knew one day he would go on and become Greek God! Such is fate, so is life! He has been hailed as one the most handsome of Bollywood, and a great dancer, where no one can beat him.

Radhe Jinda Hai!

Easily one of Superstar Salman Khan’s best movies, his hairstyle in ‘Tere Naam’ was such a rage back then when it released in 2003, I dare say back then, people still follow this hairstyle. Period. Well, this hairstyle was one of the most popular, among all the characters he played. And this movie was one psychopath, that really made us cry for him.