Why Some People Hate Selena Gomez? 

Selena Gomez is one of the most followed people on Instagram. But when the fame comes. Criticism also takes place. In spite of being the world’s most beloved superstar, she also faced backlash over the years. Gomez has garnered a ton of loyal fans. However, such a long-lasting career doesn’t come without its haters. But why do some people hate Selena Gomez? Let’s find out.

Why Some People Hate Selena Gomez

Here are the reasons why some people hate Selena Gomez:

Selena Gomez was accused of lying about abusing drugs

In the past, Gomez has been to rehab a few times. Her team says it’s because of mental health struggles and issues connected to her lupus diagnosis in 2015. But some people, including fans and some media folks, have doubted this. The reason is the rumors going around for years about Gomez using drugs and alcohol. The singer continued to deny the allegations though. But it left many fans believing that she hasn’t dealt with addiction issues.

People blamed her for the leak of her alleged nude photos

Just like many other celebrities, Selena Gomez has faced a breach of privacy with leaked photos. It happened when in 2014nude photos of her surfaced online. Although Gomez has spoken out, saying most of them are fake, it’s evident there are untrustworthy people around her. Despite clarifications some still criticized her, blaming her for what happened.

Her breakup with Justin Bieber was messy

Selena Gomez with Justin

In 2011 Gomez and Justin Bieber started dating. But their relationship saw loads of ups and downs. Until Bieber married his wife, Hailey. Since they met, both have been surrounded by relationship drama and speculation surrounding other people they have dated. The back and forth has caused fans to think that the way Gomez has handled the relationship might be inappropriate.

Many accused her of being ungrateful for her new kidney

Gomez urgently needed a transplant. when she was diagnosed with lupus, and her kidney failed. Her friend Francia Raisa came to the rescue and donated her kidney. But unfortunately, their friendship hit a rough patch in 2018. It’s said that Raisa wasn’t happy with Gomez’s lifestyle choices post-transplant. Because rumors were swirling again about Gomez drinking and smoking. People worried that this could harm the new kidney. However, in October 2023, Raisa cleared the air in an interview with Extra TV, denying any alcohol-related issues in their fallout.

Selena Gomez was accused of stealing Orlando Bloom from Katy Perry

Back in 2016, when Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had just gotten together. Gomez, a long-time friend of Bloom’s, was spotted with him at a nightclub in Las Vegas that same year. The pictures that went viral didn’t look like they were just friends. Because their pictures caught in an embrace and looking much closer than casual friends began circulating the internet.

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