October 29, 2020

Girl Cheated A Doctor For INR 1 Crore And Got Arrested From Facebook

Technology plays an important part in our lives but for some people, it may also act as an enemy, as it did for 21-yr c, who is popularly known as DJ Adaa.

Jaipur police were looking for her for the past five months and surprisingly, she gave her whereabouts herself when she went live on social networking site Facebook, during DJ-ing at a hotel. Shikha works as a DJ in a Mumbai hotel and she was arrested by Special Operations Group (SOG) from Rajasthan on the charges of duping a doctor of Rs. 1 crore.

Model Walks Down A Busy Street Wearing Nothing, And Nobody Notices Her

DJ Adaa was on the lookout list of SOG since December last year as she was named in some honey-trap cases. Shikha was a member of a gang that used to blackmail affluent people of the society, such as doctors, real estate developers, etc. 33 arrests, including 5 girls, have been made so far and this gang was able to churn out Rs. 20 crore from the people whom they blackmailed.

Jaipur police were looking for Shikha in connection with a case in which she had blackmailed a doctor for Rs. 1 crore. Shikha visited Dr. Sunit Soni’s clinic for hair-transplant purposes and became his friend.

After some time, they both went to Pushkar where Shikha threatened him of making false rape charges against the doctor if he didn’t give her Rs. 2 Crore.

When Dr. Sunit didn’t bow down to her demand, she lodged an FIR against him and got him arrested. For 78 days, the doctor was behind the bars and after getting acquitted, he filed an official complaint against Shikha on December 24, 2016.

However, he then thought of settling the case and paid Rs. 1 crore and 5 lakhs to Shikha. She ran away to Mumbai after taking the money but her love for Facebook has now sent her behind the bars.

Who could think that such a fraudster was hidden behind this beautiful face?

Image Source: Instagram


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