40 Gorgeous And Hot Daughters Of Some Famous Celebrities

Some of these females are in show business like their parents and others have taken their own paths in life and work, but whatever it is they do, they sure look great as heck doing it.

Celebrity daughters are stealing the spotlight from them and these gals are the best example for that.

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They have inherited their parents’ style, glamour and good looks some of them even look more beautiful than their parents.

1. Sophia Stallone

sophia stallone

Sophia is the oldest daughter of action-star Sylvester Stallone.

2. Paulina Gretzky

paulina gretzky

Paulina’s dad is legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky.

3. Katie Cassidy

katie cassidy

The daughter of David Cassidy has found success both on the big screen and on network television shows such as Arrow and Supernatural.

4. Emma Roberts

emma roberts

Daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts.

5. Allison Williams

allison williams

This is the daughter of the famous NBC Anchor Brian Williams.

6. Lily Collins

lily collins

The daughter of Phil Collins.

7. Bria Murphy

bria murphy

The daughter of Eddie Murphy.

8. Ava Sambora

ava sambora

Although she doesn’t share the same last name, she is the daughter of Heather Locklear.

9. Dominik Garcia-Lorido

dominik garcia lorido

She is the daughter of Andy Garcia.

10. Hailey Baldwin

hailey baldwin

She is the daughter of Alec Baldwin.

11. Margaret Qualley

margaret qualley

Qualley is the daughter of Groundhog Day actress, Andie MacDowell.

12. Riley Keough

riley keough

The daughter of Lisa-Marie Presley has been in such films as Mad Max: Fury Road, Magic Mike, and The Runaways.

13. Ireland Basinger Baldwin

ireland basinger baldwin

The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

14. Dylan Penn

dylan penn

Dylan is the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright.

15. Brooklyn Sudano

brooklyn sudano

She is the daughter of Donna Summer.

16. Frances Bean Cobain

frances bean cobain

This cutie is Kurt Cobain’s daughter.

17. Bryce Dallas Howard

bryce dallas howard

This Jurassic World star is the daughter of Ron Howard.

18. Rashida Jones

rashida jones

The daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton.

19. Liv Tyler

liv tyler

The beautiful and successful Liv is the daughter of Steven Tyler.

20. Kate Hudson

kate hudson

Another big name in Hollywood this hottie is the daughter of Goldie Hawn.

21. Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie

Among one of the best actresses and also among the most beautiful women in the world, she is the daughter of John Voight has become arguably more famous than he is.

22. Brooke Hogan

brooke hogan

You might want to stay away from her daddy! She is the daughter of the famous WWE superstar Hulk Hogan.

23. Katherine Schwarzenegger

katherine schwarzenegger

This is one girl who’s dad will tell you to talk to his hand!! Arnold Schwarzenegger.

24. Rainey Qualley

rainey qualley

Rainey is the daughter of actress Andie MacDowell and sister of Margaret Qualley.

25. Corinne Foxx

corinne foxx

Corinne is the daughter of actor Jamie Foxx.

27. Amber Le Bon

amber le bon

Amber’s dad is Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon, and her mom is 90’s supermodel Yasmin Le Bon.

28. Hailie Jade Mathers

hailie mathers

Eminem’s daughter is all grown up and looks gorgeous.

29. Zoey Deutch

zoey deutch

Actress Lea Thompson is her mom.

30. Noelle Margaret Foley

noelle margaret foley

Noelle is the daughter of WWE legend Mick Foley.

31. Francesca Eastwood

francesca clintwood

Francesca’s dad is Clint Eastwood.

32. Gia Mantegna

gia mantegna

Gia is the daughter of Joe Mantegna.

33. Greer Grammer

greer grammer

Greer’s dad is Kelsey Grammer.

34. Lourdes Leon

lourdes leon

She looks just like her mom! Madonna’s daughter all grown up and looks hot.

35. Mamie, Grace, and Louisa Gummer

meryl streep daughters

They are the daughters of Meryl Streep.

36. Dakota Johnson

dakota johnson

The sexy Fifty Shades Of Grey star is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.

37. Paris Jackson

paris jackson

Paris is the daughter of Michael Jackson. She’s all grown up and looks beautiful.

38. Georgia May Jagger and Elizabeth Jagger

georgia elizabeth jagger

The daughters of music legend Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall.

39. Eva Amurri

eva amurri

You might remember her from That’s My Boy!! Eva’s mother is actress Susan Sarandon.

40. Lauren Harris

lauren harris

Lauren is the daughter of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris.

41. Lily Atkinson

lily atkinson

She is the daughter of the famous comedian Rowan Atkinson, popularly known as Mr. Bean.

Would you have guessed their parents?

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