How To Tie A Tie: Simple Steps Every Man Should Know

Learning how to tie any kind of tie knot is not easy. Whether it is your first time or you are looking for help to refresh, this step by step guide will teach you how to do it.

We don’t put much thought on the tie, as it comes naturally to a man. But there are ways to tie a tie in a correct way. You may be surprised how many methods are there to tie a tie.

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There are numerous ways to tie a necktie. However, the most well-known are four-in-hand, the Windsor and the half Windsor. See if you’re wearing it correctly.

Four-in-Hand Knot

It is the swiftest and simplest. It is most appropriate for a narrow spread collar and for less formal and casual occasions. The simplest method for a tie is four-in-hand tie knot, that can be tie-up by the following method:

how to tie tie

Step 1: Put your tie around your neck, the left side of the tie should be longer
Step 2: Put 3/4 of the right one
Step 3: Loop the left part under the right
Step 4: Loop it over once more
Step 5: Now pull it over your neck
Step 6: Now insert it through the knot horizontally
Step 7: Now tighten it as much as you need

Half Windsor

It is more of a formal tie knot, as compared to the other tie knots. You can easily wear this tie to work on the more ‘formal’ days.

how to tie tie

Step 1: Cross the wide end over the narrow end
Step 2: Wind the wide end under the narrow end and pull it up
Step 3: Now take the wide end through the loop from the top
Step 4: Move the wide end horizontally over the narrow end
Step 5: Take the wide end through the loop from the bottom
Step 6: Take the end through the knot in the front
Step 7: Tighten the knot and adjust its length using the wide and narrow ends respectively.

Windsor Knot

If you ever need to stand out on any formal event, the Full Windsor Knot is the go-to knot.

how to tie tie

Step 1: Start with the wide end of your necktie on the right. Cross over the wide end of the tie, to the narrow end.
Step 2: Slip the wide end up through the loop between the collar and your tie.
Step 3: Cross the wide end of the narrow end, as in step 1.
Step 4: Turn the wide end, under the narrow end.
Step 5: Take the wide end underneath the narrow end and to the right.
Step 6: Fold the wide end horizontally over the narrow end
Step 7: Pull the wide end through the loop from below
Step 8: Pull the end finally through the Knot
Step 9: Adjust the length by tightening the narrow and wide end accordingly.

So guys give a try it a try and let us if it works for you.

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How To Tie A Tie: Simple Steps Every Man Should Know

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