Hugo Boss Is Selling Nepali Bathroom Chappals For Rs. 31,000 And We Just Have Three Words In Mind

Who is to guess what goes on inside the minds of a luxury brand designer? A humble Nepali is surely not up to the task. Year on year, luxury brands have presented the world with the most baffling fashion choices in the name of ‘high fashion.’ It seems a section of society laps up these bizarre options, because the designs only seem to get more outrageous with time.

A new trend has emerged among these ‘high fashion’ brands, where these highly paid designers lift (in other words, steal) age-old clothing designs from South Asia, claimed by none but the entire South Asian consciousness. 

It started simple, with these plastic bags like above. The Indians were quite peeved with this act of victimless theft; but ask any Nepali, and they will tell you that their winterwear are bundled up in a striped plastic bag just like this one. 

Balenciaga also came up with this amazing new extra-large luxury handbag, and its like they stole the winter blanket right out of our daraaz. Very well, there’s nothing much to be done in any case. But it was certain that no Nepali nor Indian would ever pay 3500 USD — more than 4.5 Nepali Rupees today — for that bag.

But these luxury brands have again crossed the bounds, stealing an item from the South Asian toilet. Tell us you don’t recognize these Hugo Boss Blue Flip Flop Slippers! 

But of course, you can’t — these are not Hugo Boss luxury slippers; they’re just a pair of sadharan chappals! And as if the fact that a luxury brand has stolen our toilet chappals isn’t shocking enough, the price gives you a jhatka in installments:

These chappals sell for INR 8990, resulting in a comedically outrageous sum of 14,363.21 Nepali Rupees. 

But look closer, and you’ll see this is a DISCOUNTED price! Dear God, after discount, fourteen thousand three hundred and sixty three rupees for a pair of bathroom chappals, that too?

The original price for these branded Hugo Boss toilet chappals is INR 19,500, an unbelievable 31154.90 Nepali Rupees. And if you’re thinking about rocking the Hugo Boss swag to the throneroom, but can’t afford that full price just yet, then Hugo Boss offers a brilliant EMI offer — at just INR 500 per month.