Woman Lets Her Husband Pick Her Clothes For A Week And It’s Hilarious!

Women might better understand the uncomfortable feeling when you can’t find an appropriate outfit for an occasion despite owning thousands. Despite often complaining of having nothing to wear, mostly it’s because we can’t make up our minds on which dress is perfect for the occasion.

One lady did all that and we gift to you the results of her experiment. Colin was tasked with making looks for his wife Caitlyn, for a whole week. Well, this may no longer be such a problem. What if you have someone else does this difficult task for you? Fear not, you certainly won’t be pioneering this.

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Caitlyn did exactly this and decided to give this task to her husband, Colin. She let him select her outfits for a whole week.

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That week, he learned of so much that was hidden in the darkest corners of her wardrobe. She also learned a few interesting things about her husband as a bonus.

Here’s the rundown on what she wore throughout the week:


On this day, after some minutes through the wardrobe force out a white dress and green patterns. Being a responsible day, she was rooting more for a dress suit.

Caitlyn had a business meeting with her partners and Colin said ‘everything’s covered, nobody will stare, and it creates a spring mood.’ People stared and others even complimented her for creating such a vivid imagination.


On the second day, Caitlyn suspected that the bus band clearly had an eye for bright colors. He would go on that, ‘when the day forecasted sunny, he wanted her to look like the sun.’ Colin also secretly liked this ‘bag with homes imprinted on’ while the old bag according to him made her look old.


There was an anniversary coming up and the two had decided to celebrate it with a romantic dinner. They arranged for a romantic dinner at home.

Instead of a full dressing, he chose for her a skimpy black dress. That evening looked like their 1st date.


She hadn’t worn this red dress for a long time. Lost way back in the closet, she had completely forgotten about it. Red wasn’t her favorite color and it looked too short on her.

Yet Colin loved it. He sent her to parents evening on the dress and yet her husband’s compliments gave her courage.


They were meeting with her parents and Colin chose an outfit totally different from her initial plan.

She was going for a neat green dress and dark shoes but Colin went for a jumpsuit an outfit she often wore to picnics or on visits to the countryside. It was a really comfortable outfit. paired with a cap, it looked stylish.


This was a family walk day and Colin really brought out his fashion game. His imagination went wild as he played around with accessories.

He even threw in his own jacket, claiming she looked cute in it. The missus was definitely happy plus the walk was definitely a success.


There were no Sunday plans, yet Colin wanted his wife to dress elegant and feel feminine. She let her wear a black dress she really adored.

Turns out she was looking for a perfect occasion to wear it. She ended up finding a perfect one; an amazing life with her husband.

Caitlyn was surprised by how he was responsible for every task. every morning he chose her garments that would simply make her smile.

She also has some simple yet totally helpful fashion tips for everyone; You don’t need to look for the correct occasion to put on an evening dress or sneakers with a T-shirt.

If you feel comfy in this, don’t hesitate for a second; if you feel confident in this, don’t hesitate for a second; if your husband looks at you with eyes full of adoration, don’t hesitate for a second.

Try to ask your spouse to select out an outfit for you for at least one day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Woman Lets Her Husband Pick Her Clothes For A Week And It's Hilarious!

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