Can You Spot 58 Popular Characters From Indian TV On This Fantastic Painting?

identify indian tv characters

There are many things one can disagree with others, but one thing we can all admit is that Indian TV is no longer what it used to be.

It’s delightful to note that the shows made years ago were much more progressive and generally more enjoyable. That’s why they stayed with us, just like the characters in it.

Are you feeling nostalgic already? Wait a second. I would like you to see a piece of art created by teams from Kyoorius and BBDO.

In this incredible crafted work of art, you can see a total of 58 iconic characters from Doordarshan and Hindi GECs (General Entertainment Channels). And the challenge is to identify them all. My count stands at a modest 20.

The artwork also contains some current displays that are popular with people, and you will notice them if you have a keen eye.

Guess I’ll leave you with these to kill some time.