What Goes Inside The Mind Of A Illogical Shopaholic?

illogical shopaholic

Shopping at malls has become a collective norm of spending your day. Shopping malls can provide you every need under one single roof. You enter in the morning and even in the late evening, you will have ample things to do inside the same mall. Guys tend to spend less time going around stores, whereas girls are completely opposite.

A girl can easily expend her entire day going from one store to another and trying out clothes. The mind of such shopaholics is similar all over the world. Every shopaholic is enticed towards catchy promotions that rarely fail to attract loitering shoppers.

This short film for five important virtues in the society starring Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn and features the dilemma of every budget-conscious shopaholic. The story tells about Ice, playing as a shopaholic or a shopper girl. When she was about to leave the mall, she saw a promo outside saying “Purchase at least 500 baht and enjoy first 2 hours of parking for free”.

Because of her eagerness to not be able to pay for the parking fee, she went inside the mall again to purchase 500 baht to avail of the promo. But things did not go well as she was likely to.

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