This Comedian Talks On Indian Superstitions And Things Forced Upon Us

‘Kala Teeka’ and hanging Nimbu-Mirchi save a human being from Buri Nazar of others; a cat crossing our path results in bad luck or something bad happened to us. Right?? This is what we all have heard all our lives and the chanting is still told to us either by our parents, relatives or grandparents. In India, people believe in superstitions strongly and in order to eradicate it follow up weird activities.

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Well, the stand-up comedian Raunaq Rajani in his newly released video talks about ‘Indian Superstitions’. While talking about it he takes a deep dive into Indian superstitions. The comedian talks about what he has faced while growing up in a conservative family, illogical things forced to do and other things as well.

Waiting for what?? Watch out the video below:


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