September 19, 2020

This Illustrator Knows How To Play Strings Of Life In A Beautiful Way

Art is a language in itself. You don’t have to be from a certain place or of a certain age to understand art, it’s something common for all of us. And there are artists around the globe who can leave anyone speechless. Their years of hard work is pretty much evident in the work they do.

The same goes for Pokagh illustrator and animator from Ghana. With 125k followers on Instagram, this illustrator is winning everyone’s heart with his beautiful illustrations about life. Each one of his works speaks just one word- Love.

1. This probably is one of the trickiest questions a man can ever come across in his life.

2. The king and queen made for each other.

3. This is what life looks like when you have a family, beautiful.

4. No matter how old you get, love forever remains the same.

5. A man indeed needs a woman in his life to become successful.

6. Now that’s what you call a beautiful illustration.

7. As of now, Pokagh is my favorite illustrator.

8. I can almost hear these two lovebirds speaking.

9. Adorable will be an understatement for this image.

10. This kind of talent is rare and raw.

11. An artist for sure knows how to portray the right emotions.

12. Life will get empty without the person you love.

13. Soul mates, that’s what these two are.

14. An illustrator as such should be trending all over the world.

15. Men all over the world will be able to relate to this one.

16. The right partner in your life can make everything beautiful.

17. I can just imagine the husband’s reaction if this happens in real life.

18. Because pizza is the priority, it has always been.

19. Being away from the person you love for sure can make anyone feel miserable.

20. Just look at Mona Lisa’s expression!

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