What’s Trending Among Indian Youth And Their Views On Sexting!

The modern generation of India is taking leaps and bounds to construct a progressive society. The youth of India is changing perspectives on things that were once dubbed taboo are now norms in the popular culture. The young generation has the courage to express aloud in public domain without any necessity of feeling uneasiness on topics like sex, politics, forbidden customs or anything else.

India has been on the back foot when it came to sex talks. It was limited within the four walls only and it was a huge stigma in the past. Gradually, things are changing for the betterment and more people are comfy speaking and discoursing sexual needs and relationship queries.

Sexting has been going around for a while now and it seems to have made a name for itself as a safer alternative to fulfill your sexual desires without health risks involved.

So Effin Cray channel went around the streets of Mumbai and asked random strangers about sexting. It involved questions such as do they do it, or how frequent, and the likes. The responses are hysterical with some remarkable answers that are certain to make you giggle.

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Are you involved in sexting? If yes, is it with your partner or random strangers? Reply with your responses in the comment section below.