This Guy Photoshops Himself With Bollywood Celebs And We Just Can’t Stop Laughing

The internet is one such place where you not only have the option of having some fun, but here you can also become famous by showing your talent, and there are many people who have become internet sensations because of their talent.

We are not talking about the TikTokers who dance, act or lip-sync and garnered huge fan following because of their 15-30 second videos, here we are talking about the technical talent of photoshopping. There is an Instagram account by the title of Unseen Friend whose account holder claims that he is Bollywood’s favorite friend.

Indians are crazy about Bollywood and Bollywood actors, and who doesn’t love to get clicked with their favorite actors? But it is not possible for everyone to get such an opportunity. Well, the admin of Unseen Friend photoshopped himself with the Bollywood celebs, and his photos certainly bring smiles to our faces. Unseen Friend has a huge fan following of 198K followers and today we are going to share some great photos from this Instagram account.

He leaves no scope for finding mistakes, what do you think and also let us know which is your favorite one?