Some Brilliantly Designed ‘Jugaad’ That Leaves You In Total Awestruck

Jugaad is Hindi interpretation for alternative origination. It is more of a colloquial terminology that is becoming popular throughout the world. What really is Jugaad? It is tricky to pinpoint the definite meaning of the term. It is anything and everything that has been devised to make things easier. From ironing your clothes to getting a promotion at your job, it can be the cornerstone of your daily routine.

The attainment of Jugaad depends not on the engineering degree but a creative mind. It is truly an inspirational design that makes your work a lot easier than it would be without it. Indian are a creative bunch of people with their brain working in another dimension than the rest of the world. Maybe it is because of having to survive in a crowd of one billion-plus people.

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If you just do things in an orthodox way, then you will be left out among the crowd. Ingenuity can go a long way. Thinking out of the box to diminish the workload is the key component. These awesome instances of Jugaad will prove it once again. These bunch of individuals should be awarded Geniuses of the Year award if there is any.