16 Funny Photos To Prove That Indians Are Legend When It Comes To Breaking The Rules

Indians have a reputation for breaking the laws, whether it is with regard to violating the traffic rules or breaking any other law that has been made by the government in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the system. Though it is unfortunate and there is nothing to be happy about, we Indians love to do that work which we are told that we should not do.

For example, you may have seen that bikes and other vehicles are parked where the board “no parking” is being hung; people must have spat where it is prohibited, try to click a photo where it is not allowed, etc.

However, let us leave the seriousness of the matter aside for some time and enjoy some hilarious instances in which Indians are seen breaking the law.

There is no denying the fact the laws, rules, and regulations should be followed religiously because they are made by the government after a lot of thinking and research in order to ensure that each person gets equal facilities.