An Indonesian YouTuber Stares For 2 Hours, And Gets Over 4 Million Views

indonesian youtuber two hours

The upsurge of content creators logging into Youtube, particularly during the nationwide lockdown has largely changed the shape of cyberculture. An Indonesian YouTuber, Muhammad Didit, has been able to earn over 4.2 million views with over 57,000 followers with a single video. This number was in fact exponential more than what an average Youtuber gets on their first videos.

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The YouTuber uploaded a two-hour-long video of himself doing nothing. The video is titled ‘2 JAM nggak ngapa – ngapain’ which interprets as “2 hours of doing nothing.” Didit states that the spur behind this video stemmed from his subscribers who urged him to make educating content for youth.

Netizens are losing their minds over this strangely creative video.