10 Interesting Facts About Sunny Leone That’ll Make You Should Know

Sunny Leone came with a bang into Bollywood. Her crossover from the adult film industry into the Indian film industry has been remarkably smooth. India is a conservative country and sex is a taboo topic that seldom finds its place in media. She is on the top searched Google entries in India and have a huge fan following, her movies are enthusiastically anticipated by the masses.

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Bollywood fans want more appearances from her on the silver screen. Like it or hate it, Sunny Leone has strongly established herself in mainstream cinemas. This unconventional actress has her status firmly set on the favorite past-time of India and seemingly will only get progressive.

1. Karenjit Kaur Vohra

Sunny Leone was born as Karenjit Kaur Vohra to Indian parents, who immigrated to Canada before they gave birth to her. She worked at a German bakery, retirement fund, and tax firm before taking onto the adult industry as her on-stage name, Sunny Leone. Before her Bollywood debut, she only visited India merely four times with her family.

2. Pediatric Studies


She enrolled to become a pediatric nurse in Orange County. During this period she was spotted by Penthouse magazine, she did a photoshoot for them and the rest is history. Thank you Mr. Photographer!

3. Kiss and Tell


Sunny Leone admitted she had her first kiss at a tender age of 11. According to her, she lost her virginity aged 16 to a local basketball player from her school. You can say that she was definitely an early boomer.

4. New Venture


Sunny Leone says that she discovered her bisexuality at 18 and she was 19 years old, she joined the adult industry. Her parents had a difficult time adjusting to her new profession and were hurt by her unusual career choice. She only wanted to do lesbian porn during the beginning phase of her career.

5. The Activist


In 2004, she was part of ‘No More Bush Girls’, in which she and several other popular porn actresses including shaved off their pubic hair in support of the anti-George Bush administration campaign.

6. Sun Lust Pictures


Sunny Leone began her career as a businesswoman when she launched her very own studio called “Sun Lust Pictures”, collaborating with her husband Daniel Weber.

7. One Million Dollar


Sunny Leone was approached by Mohit Suri for his movie ‘Kalyug’, only to be turned down because the production house could not afford her fees of $1 million. Deepal Shaw played the role later on at a supposedly lower price.

8. Vividly Talented


Her second adult movie, ‘The Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone’, won the AVN awards. It is equivalent to Oscars for the adult film industry. She has featured in over 40 adult movies and she also directs her own movies.

9. Dog Lover


Sunny Leone featured in ‘Ragini MMS 2’, which was a ghostlike thriller, she claims she is not afraid of supernatural but is very scared of any kinds of bugs or insects.  She is an avid dog lover and has two dogs at her home. You can often see her doing her part for animal activism.

10. Desi Girl by Heart


Sunny Leone loves Punjabi-styled ‘Parathas’, but Italian cuisine is her preferred food. Also, she is a fan of Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan. She said at an interview that Aamir Khan was her beloved hero of Bollywood since her childhood.


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