This Italian Actress Is Regularly Mistaken For Being A 20 Year Old

Most of us are prepared for the wear and tear that our lives will eventually inflict on our bodies; things like wrinkles, grey hairs, rolls, and saggy skin are all part and parcel of growing older and something that most of us will have to deal with and try and embrace.

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However, for some genetically gifted people, time doesn’t decay them in the same way that it does the Average Joe. People like George Clooney, Cameron Diaz and other Hollywood celebrities never seem to age. While many of us believe that their age defying looks may be down to surgery, the majority of them claim it’s simply down to a healthy lifestyle and taking care of themselves (which is easier when you have millions of dollars).

But one 59-year-old woman from Italy has also battled against aging, and many people believe that she doesn’t look a day over 20. At first glance, it would be easily to believe that Pamela Prati is a woman in her twenties, when in fact she is nearly three times older.

Pamela credits her youthful looks down to a healthy diet and strict fitness regime and says she is able to pass herself off as a woman half her age through flaunting her figure in risque clothing. Pamela is an actor, presenter, model, and singer and her youthful appearance have led to her racking up thousands of loyal followers online.

Pamela shares the majority of her photos on Instagram, where she now has over 124,000 followers – and her photos earn over thousands of likes at a time. Most of Pamela’s shots are pretty daring, with one shot featuring the brunette seemingly wearing nothing but blue high heels, although the angle of the shot protects her modesty.

Pamela says that her secret to her age-defying beauty is simply a love of healthy food and following a healthy lifestyle, which includes making sure that she regularly exercises.

Born to a Spanish father and Italian mother in Sardinia, Pamela has appeared on many television shows and has hosted plenty of programs for Italian TV Mediaset’s Canale 5, and is also known for her career in erotic comedies during the 1990s.

Unsurprisingly, fans often heap plenty of praise on the actress, with many Instagram users praising her youthful looks above anything else. Most of the comments are full of compliments, like the following three: “You are not real! You are like a dream!”, “You are an amazing woman” and “You are gorgeous. A woman with class”.

What do you think, has Pamela achieved her looks be being au naturel? Or is there some underhand surgical tactics going on here? To see more people that have enviable looks, why not check out who the best looking man in the world is, I’m not going to lie to you: it’s really not surprising.

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This Italian Actress Is Regularly Mistaken For Being A 20 Year Old

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