Jaguar Caught Up To A Dog. But What Follows Is Truly Stunning!

jaguar dog friendship

When it comes to friendships in the animal kingdom, it’s rare you would think a dog and a jaguar would be best buds. What starts off looking like a jaguar about to go in for a kill, is quickly revealed to be two unlikely friends playing in the dirt of the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa.

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Jag the Jaguar came to them at a very young age and was in need of a company. Facility owner Layla knew that Bullet the Jack Russell was the perfect canine companion for the job. The two are almost inseparable.

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They play together, sleep together, and even eat their meals together. Showing a kinship and wonderful understanding between species, this video proves to us that a dog and a jaguar can get along.

Friendship can happen anywhere and with anyone, don’t you agree?