What Happens To Jane In Thor And Where She Fits In The Multiverse

Thor: Love and Thunder is an upcoming American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Thor, which will be produced by Marvel Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

It will be the direct sequel to Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and the 29th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Furthermore, Thor tries to find inner peace in the film but must return to action and recruit Valkyrie (Thompson), Korg (Waititi), and Jane Foster (Portman), who is now the mighty Thor, to stop Gorr the God Butcher (Bale) from destroying all gods.

What happened to Jane in Thor?


Doctor Jane Foster is one of the world’s foremost astrophysicists, the world’s prominent astronomer, the author of the Foster Theory, and one of the leading Asgard experts.

She discovered Thor after he was banished from Asgard and fell to Earth while she and her colleagues were examining astronomical oddities in New Mexico.

Similarly, she assisted him in his attempt to return to Asgard, falling in love with him along the way. But unfortunately, they were separated due to the Rainbow Bridge’s temporary disintegration.

Foster was disappointed and angered that Thor did not attempt to contact her after learning of Thor’s homecoming through the Battle of New York film.

She became a host to the Aether during the Convergence and assisted Thor in defeating Malekith at the Battle of Greenwich. Later, Foster resumed work once she was free of the Aether, and Thor opted to stay on Earth with her. 

However, following the Ultron Offensive, Foster ended her relationship with Thor.

Moreover, Foster was one of the victims who died in 2018 when Thanos used the Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life in the cosmos.

Five years later, the Avengers were successful in resurrecting the victims of the Snap, including Foster.

Is there any connection of her in the Multiverse?


In the first Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, we saw Portman in Asgardian mode for the first time. True, she only appears for a brief moment.

However, we see her wielding the supernatural hammer that belonged to her ex. But is it her ex? Is this the same Jane Foster we know, or a multiverse variant?

It’s unclear whether the film will take this approach.  Instead, she may be a different Jane from another timeline. One who passed over into the main MCU Earth due to the events in the Multiverse of Madness involving Loki and (most likely) Doctor Strange.

It’s possible that Hela breaking Mjölnir was a nexus event, which Loki describes as a point in time that, if altered, formed a branch reality. But, perhaps in this Jane’s universe, she and Thor never separated.

She could have been present when Hela destroyed his hammer. And she managed to put it back together again.

As we know now, anything is possible in this new Marvel Multiverse (should we call it the MCM and not the MCU?). Including Jane Foster not being the one we thought she was.