October 29, 2020

Japanese Genius Created A Mind Blowing Self Solving Rubik’s Cube

When the Hungarian architect and sculptor Erno Rubik designed the Rubik’s Cube in 1974, he constructed a teaching tool for 3D geometry. As a toy, it is less about ways to solve the Rubik’s Cube and much more about how fast the colored squares are arranged, which needs some training.

Robotics are entering plenty of areas, from space to our house. Now, a Japanese YouTuber has used the technology to teach a Rubik’s Cube to solve itself. A creator who goes under the name of the human controller has made a Robotic Rubik’s cube with a few eerie capacities of solving itself. 

The normal-looking puzzle achieves this impossible task by employing a custom 3D core attached to servo motors which are programmed to solve the cube. The two servo motors attached from the inside and the entire system operates on an Arduino board.

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This unique edition self-solving Rubik’s cube features a 3D center that has rotating parts that permit the cube to control itself. The final result looks like a Rubik Cube that is moving on the desk while rotating the sides to solve itself. The video shows the self-solving Rubik’s cube being put onto the desk before running openly and solving itself. It’s uncertain exactly how it works, but you can assume that its calculated parts are able to remember the way the cube has exactly been shuffled, reversing the actions to finish the puzzle.

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The cube, which has the very same dimensions of a Rubik’s is a continuation of the human controller past, bigger version.

A great deal of work has been put into this amazing masterpiece by this genius, so if you liked this then do share it with other people.

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