Jennifer Pamplona Regrets Spending 500,000 Euros To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Pamplona is a model who rose to fame because she resembled Kim Kardashian, but now she regrets the plastic surgery she had done to look like a famous reality TV star.

The 29-year-old spent approximately 500,000 euros over seven years to look more and more like Kim Kardashian, doing so with surgeries and fillers.

Now, though, Pamplona wants to recover her natural looks and has spent 100,000 euros trying to undo some of the processes.

“I was going through so many different surgeries to have the signature Kardashian style,” she explained to The Sun.

“I was happy having this Kardashian-style look. It made me money, and I enjoyed life.

“I would look in the mirror, and people would call me a Kardashian, and then it started to get annoying.

“I had worked and studied, and I became a businesswoman.

“I had done all these things and all these achievements in my personal life, but all I was doing was being recognized for looking like a Kardashian.

“I never intended to look like a Kardashian, and I didn’t want to, but when people made this comparison, I took the opportunity and made it a big deal. It brought me fame and money.”

“I don’t want to be a shadow of someone else. I want to be my own person now.”

Later this year, a documentary called ‘Addiction’ will come out, explaining the perils of having so much plastic surgery.

Jennifer Pamplona wants to warn younger women about plastic surgery’s problems in terms of self-image and potential infection.

“I discovered that I was addicted to surgery, and I wasn’t happy, as I was putting filler in my face like I was in the supermarket,” she said. 

“This can happen with teenagers now. It is crazy, and it needs to change.

“[With one particular surgery] I went into the operation room as one person, and I came out as another.

“My left eye wouldn’t close from the cat eye surgery, and I was panicking; I thought I was going blind. I couldn’t even move my face.

“It’s taken me seven years to understand different procedures, and I know the risks.”