Journalist Who Recorded Herself Having Sex During An Interview Reveals Her Parents’ Reaction

Louise Fischer caused quite a stir in Denmark and around the world by having sex with her interviewee while recording a piece on the return of swinger parties. The journalist how shared how her parents reacted to her controversial reporting.

The Danish journalist reported for Radio 4 on the reopening of the swingers’ clubs near Copenhagen, which had to take an extended break during the pandemic.

Instead of simply interviewing the participants, Fischer became part of the story herself. During the report, moaning noises can be heard in the background as she interviews her swinger partner during sex.

Everything had been arranged with the radio station beforehand, Fischer assured everyone. Program director Tina Kragelund praised Fischer’s decision, saying, “I think it’s cool when our reporters experiment with doing journalism differently.”

In addition to several positive reactions, however, there was also a lot of criticism.

Fischer told the German tabloid Bild, “Most were very positive; they thought it was brave and cool. Others think I crossed a line in journalism.”

One particularly awkward consequence of her approach was that the whole nation heard the fun happening, including her parents. So what did they think?

“My mother just thinks it’s funny and laughs; my father thought it was cool,” said the Dane.

Fortunately, there wasn’t a partner out there who had to find out about Fischer’s experimenting the hard way: “I don’t have a boyfriend, so that must have made it a lot easier.”

The journalist isn’t sure whether she’ll be swinging any time again soon: “I have to let it sink in first, but I admit it was already a great experience.”