26 Photos Of Julia Vins That Are Drop Dead Gorgeous

Julia Vins is a powerlifter by profession, however, she is a combination of prettiness and strength that even makes guys envy her abilities.

Seldom do we find a person with a mixture of beauty and brute muscle power. You need not look any further; Yulia Viktorova Vins, also known as Julia Vins, is one of the rarities. Although she is a powerlifter by profession, she is a combination of prettiness and strength that could even make guys envy her capabilities.

From the neck up, she’s one of the cutest girls you’ll come across. This stunning beauty from Engels, Russia, has a doll’s face, with big beautiful eyes and heaving blonde hair.

julia vins

Below the neckline is a body that can beat the crap out of you. This chick can deadlift 400 pounds, which is the average weight of an adult male lion. She already has three world powerlifting records, and she’s working on getting more.

Julia Vins, a fashion, and makeup enthusiast have a heart like any other girl, but her body does not allow her to fulfill all of her girly desires. Because of her physique, she’s earned the title “Muscle Barbie” from those who know her.

Russian girls are known to be some of the most beautiful globally, and she fits into the mold. However, not many powerlifters are famous simply for their looks. This bombshell has the best of both worlds. She is physically attractive and bodily strong too. You don’t want to mess up with her, or else she can beat the hell out of you. And I am serious. Let alone the question of annoying her.

Julia Vins has over 50,000 likes on her Facebook fan page, is regularly active on YouTube, and has over 19,000 followers on Twitter. In addition, this 25-year-old now has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram, thanks to her unusual looks. 

She indeed has a sturdy fan base, which, as we can guess, is primarily because of her Barbie doll looks. Her powerlifting abilities are nothing less than impressive, but we can say that her appearance takes over her powerlifting stance among her fans.

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