Kim Kardashian Got Body Double, The World Can’t Handle The Parallels!

Canadian blogger Kamilla Osman has hit the inborn sweepstakes with her pure resemblances to the reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Despite only having a ten-week-old Instagram account, Osman has gathered a monstrous 90k plus followers, most of which have seemingly popped up within the last few days.

Whatever the reason, we don’t really care. The Canadian beauty brings to mind a younger Kim Kardashian. It’s like a dream or something.

Like Kim, Osman’s a big fan of white vest tops, over-sized coats draped around her shoulders and bum-hugging pencil skirts. She also rocks the same strong brows as the KUWTK star and her contouring is similarly on point.

Everything from Kamilla Osman’s hair to her makeup is eerily similar to that of the reality TV star.

Would you agree on the similarities with Kim Kardashian?