12 Things Only People Living In Kathmandu Would Understand

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, has a population density of the country and accommodates people from all parts of Nepal. However, there are many unique and unusual things that you as an outsider may find it interesting when you hear it.

In the article today I am going to discuss some of the things that people living in Kathmandu would only understand. No matter how dusty, dirty and disorganized the city is, it has not lost its value and people still find it one of the most preferred choice to live in.

Waking up early in the morning to collect drinking water

This has become a daily routine for many people to wake up early or stay awake late at night to fill the drinking water. The water supply in the city is not regular and hence the people have to adjust their sleeping time to collect their drinking water.

Multicultural population living with harmony

Kathmandu has a mix of a population with diverse cultural background and ethnicity. However, there is unsung peace and harmony among people living here.

Empty streets during Dashain

This is one interesting fact that people in Kathmandu will experience during the Nation’s biggest festival Dashain. The reason for this is that a big chunk of the population from the city reside outside and they go to their homes to celebrate the festival.

The melting pot

The large population living in the city are not the native but mix of people from different parts of the country. This place has the opportunity for every kind of people. People from low class to high class are residing here and they have somehow figured out the way to survive here.

Gridlocked, bottlenecks

Traffic congestion is common in almost every part of the city. You will have to leave well ahead of schedule to reach your destination on time. Although there are many vehicles running on the streets you will still find it difficult to get a seat in public vehicle.

Potholes and luxury cars

You will see world-class vehicles that are luxurious and expensive. Something that is not usual in other places in the country.

Depressed and lonely people

Although the city is filled with people everywhere, you can easily find people who are lonely and depressed. The city life has taken a toll on people and they are getting depressed day by day.

Cultural practices and rituals

This city observes some of the most unique cultural practices and rituals which are not common in other parts of the country.


The level of pollution has reached an alarming level and continues to grow. People are getting used to living in this polluted environment instead of looking for the solution.


It is obvious to have almost every facility available in the capital city but for someone living in the rural area of the country, the amount of facility for entertainment, fun, and enjoyment is still surprising.

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Unhealthy competition

Like any other metro cities in the world, Kathmandu does have unhealthy competition and lifestyle that has a negative impact on the people. With the urge to have better-living people get into showoff and non-essential issues.

Medical facilities

Kathmandu has the best medical facilities with almost two-thirds of medical colleges of the country established here.

Whatever the negatives might be, there is no place like Kathmandu.