13 Things Students Who Went To Kathmandu University Will Understand

United we stand, divided we mini-stand. Lame, right? This is what undergraduate life does to you, it adds fun in defunct. You go to the same classes, see the same faces, go through that countless internals that takes ages to complete yet re-appear in the blink of an eye, viva, assignments, lab sheets, board exams.

GAAAAH, is there any end to it? Nope. Not for four straight years anyways. Yet KU-ians back me up here, one doesn’t simply know FUN until they’re a part of the Kathmandu University family right? You witness something so magical within all this turmoil. Moments, memories, friends, teachers, gossips, arguments, I can’t even name them but all I know is they have already surpassed all those boiling point pressure moments previously mentioned.

I feel obliged to enlist a few of those which, if you’re remotely connected to the university, will bring a smile on your face.

1. “.” as comments on friendships

KU People: ku-comments

X and Y are now friends. Y is a female, 56 likes, 223 comments. Comments are like Thoplo (.) Yes, seriously a dot! Pragati Garichas!! Dots as exclamation marks are generally used to terminate statements, but to us, it’s a new way to start a series of comments. The origin of which, still mysterious.

2. Manakamana Dairy


Someone just topped their semester? “Yayy,Jum Manakamana. ma lassi khwauchu.” Someone failed this time around? “Tension nali!! jum Manakamana. ma lassi khwauchu.” *Something you’re betting on* “Chiya bajji hai ta, Manakamana ko?” Name isn’t the only factor that’s similar to the famous temple of Gorkha, there’s the popularity factor too. Be it cold gloomy day or a hot sunny one, Manakamana dairy is always crowded with KU folks. Teas served in plastic cups, tasty lassis in glasses, with bakeries are always on demand. Does someone have a birthday? “Oe gaera Manakamana ma cake order garde ta, ICE Cream hai.” And within an hour you have a cake, with a cool custom nickname on the cake of course ;)

3. Fancy terms

In fact, Fancy is an understatement. fancy-terms

“Ok chha ta!!” “Hyaa khoyaaa” “Wild chahal pahal dinu parcha yarr!!” “Tyo jasto kaai manche jindagee dekheko chaina.” If you’re a type of person who leads a high-key lifestyle inside KU periphery, don’t be baffled when someone comments your “forte” as “highly CP”, CP standing for Chahal Pahal. Talk rubbish and you’ll be called “kaai” as in “kasto kaai maanchhe“.

4. Similar profile pictures


Most of the students in their final year have their profile pictures changed to the one standing in front of KU ‘s administrative building, and the ones in their freshman and sophomore years have the ones taken at ‘hazaar sidi’ where they pose on a stone, that looks like it’s stationed at the edge of a cliff. It could be;  I haven’t been there yet, talk about being an exception, eh!

5. Dress code speculations

If a girl’s wearing a kurta, it’s 95 percent probable she has a presentation. If a guy’s wearing a suit, it’s 100 percent sure he has a presence. KU is well known for having dress codes during presentations.dress-code

And boy, oh boy, are their lots of posts that day, all over networking sites, while being clad in formal wears.

6. “Jai Shambu”


Aptly named as he IS the destroyer; destroyer of the deceivingly-getting-on-the-KU-bus trait. He can sense a fear of students who haven’t paid bus fare or are a tad late and are lurking around the bus stop looking for opportunities to get quickly into university commutes, but not on his watch. He is the external force that’s termed in Newton’s first law; he can bring moving objects to rest and vice versa.

7. Deflection


A term that brings more dread than any of GOT’s goriest murders. When I first joined this university, I was unaware of this term, however, this word touches one like winter’s chill, slow and numbing.  You don’t really know what it means but you always like to play safe. There are few smarty pants who try to do all the maths and convince you deflection isn’t happening, but will you ever listen to them? HECK, NO! They’d not be getting a D on their GPA sheet, would they?

8. Farewelcome programs; joined and unjoined


When you’re a KU  student, you don’t just get one welcome or farewell program. Since every department has its own program at a date where it doesn’t coincide with others’, you can take advantage of that and get that extra R and R. No matter which year you are, you’re always the louder ones in the welcome programs of other departments/year(s) than you are on your own. Farewell carries the same niche too.

9. Eateries and their delicacies

While KU has a reasonable number of eateries, there are only 1 or 2 special dishes you can eat in one place.


Station’s burger, Downtown’s fried momos, Junu’s chicken fried rice or chicken roti, HK’s chicken set(a platter of rice, chicken, and chicken fried momo), Canteen’s chicken momo(it’s extremely likely that you have, at least once, stayed on a 30 minutes queue just to have Canteen’s momo), and Laxmi’s keema paratha are some delicacies no one has ever missed, unless of course, you have an eating disorder, or ARE YOU EVEN A HUMAN?  Type  Xs234b.

10. Container and Dallu


Be it buying stationery products or getting your prints done, you always go running towards the container; the place is crowded as ever, and while it’s busy, you can always be entertained looking at silly moves of Dallu, proprietor’s kid. Although he’s mostly busy playing games on his computer, barely giving you a glance, you can’t help teasing him, trying to disrupt his fun moment.

11. Pool house


Especially, if you’re a guy, you’ve been to pool house at least once; I mean Rs. 10 a frame (now Rs. 15), ain’t no pool house getting cheaper than that.

12. KU anthem


You don’t know 70% of the lyrics, but in the chorus, you’re all like.“AEEEEEEEEE Kathmandu Vishwabidhyalaaaaaaaa.” No matter what the program is, the KU anthem is played second to National anthem, and everyone present at the auditorium gets up and holler the anthem, especially chorus, at the top of their lungs. Despite the song being catchy, your mind, however, gets only tuned to the chorus.

13. Hangout spots


Come on, it’s student life, what students can endure hours and hours of lectures, due assignment deadlines, internal tests, re-internal exams, viva, without spending some quality time with their friends or s/o in the places of their choice. KU can lavishly brag about its rich ambiance; you can find yourself in KU cafe, nibbling bakeries and sipping tea(at a lot cheaper price than normal), there are two fountains, one at the gate and the other behind the library building, where you can sunbath at winter or enjoy the cool breeze at summer gazing at the series of hills.

Book-lovers can go to the library with a labyrinth of book cabinets, comfortable chairs to rest on; for non-book lovers, along with comfortable furniture, there’s free Wi-Fi access. When you’re finally graduated and look down the memory lane, you won’t remember how hard you read for a test or your study hours, unless of course, you’re the topper(Kudos to you, though).

You remember the silly minute details, like how you walked your way up to your department and considered you won’t need those squat routines for toned physique (check KU’s periphery for that regard, it’s enormously huge), how you loved gazing at nature while flooding your phone’s gallery (notable mentions: clouds, fountain, park in front of the library, auditorium, administration’s building, clouds again), how you would rush to the hostel to get hold of the latest GoT episodes, how you’d copy your friend’s assignments without having a clue what that means, and still score higher than the one who wrote it You’d remember moments, memories and moments again cause you just can’t mention it enough.

No matter how hard a time you think KU gives you, you’ll always miss it when you’re gone.