‘Kelly Brook Has The Most Perfect Female Measurements,’ As Understood By Scientific Research

Science backs up Kelly Brook!

It is an established fact in our society that brilliance lies within the eye of the beholder. A research conducted by University of Texas on beauty has given us the ideal female body measures.

At least that mathematics you were taught in school has some apprehension now that you can now use science to rate beauty. According to the findings, that perfect woman has a height of 1.68 and measures 99-63-91 – that’s bust, weight and hips. And no surgery is allowed.

To our extreme amazement, TV presenter, model, and actress Kelly Brook perfectly fits those criteria. Kelly Brook has the perfect female measurements, making her the most scientifically perfect woman in the world.

The study took into account such characteristics as height, weight, hair length and face shape. After the outcomes, the study shows that a body stereotype that women consider “somewhat plump” is actually the one that comes closest to perfection and what they consider a “harmonious body”.

Kelly Brook, aged 38, has proud possession of the most perfect body. She has over 917,000 followers on Instagram alone.

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