Kim Kardashian Faced Backlash After Posing With Elephants During Her Bali Vacation

kim kardashian bali vacation elephants

With millions of social media fans, it’s fair to say that Kim Kardashian‘s posts influence a lot of people all over the world. Kim is a role model for many people.

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This is why many Internet users believed they had to step in when she was spreading the wrong message. Once Kim Kardashian posted several photos of herself posing with elephants. The pictures were captured during her trip to Bali.

In the first photo, the Tv star can be seen near an elephant while a man was riding the animal.

In another picture, the fashion icon posed with her husband, Kanye West. And finally, in the third photo, the elephant wrapped its trunk around her body. Kim wrote: “Missing Bali! and the amazing elephant sanctuary.”

The photos looked great and it seemed a good way to spend some time with animals at a sanctuary, but the whole situation wasn’t wonderful at all. Just right after the posting of the photos, many people notice that the place she was visiting wasn’t a sanctuary at all. Numerous animal rights campaigners criticized Kim for promoting animal abuse.

People were sure that place wasn’t an elephant sanctuary because people aren’t allowed to ride elephants in sanctuaries. As it turns out, riding elephants can be very harmful to them so it is considered a form of cruelty.

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Several hours later, Kim decided to respond to criticism and concerns. The influencer insisted that the place they visited was actually about protecting and caring for elephants. She wrote:

However, this didn’t solve all concerns and issues. Moreover, Rachel Matthews, deputy director at PETA in the United States, told The Independent that riding elephants directly supports the abuse of elephants’ experience in certain shelters.

Whether it was Kim’s intention or not, the reality star did something really wrong. She sent a message to her millions of followers that it is OK to treat elephants this cruel way. Many people don’t realize that riding elephants is a form of abuse, so celebrities and other famous people should use their platforms to educate people and raise awareness. We hope next time Kim will know how to interact with animals the right way.